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Center for Pain & Palliative Care

Center for Pain & Palliative Care


The explosive growth in pain and palliative care services has increased the need for enhanced education, training and multi-disciplinary collaboration. The Center was established to provide pain management and palliative care settings with up-to-date resources and assistance in the interpretation and application of laws and regulatory standards to the clinical environment.


To build an innovative and dynamic community of pain and palliative care specialists who are passionate about improving health outcomes and patient safety, elevating the level of clinical services, and ensuring practice compliance knowledge.


The leadership team applies a focused, goal-oriented approach to identifying areas of need, problem solving, project development, implementation, effective communication and reporting.

Core expertise is a hands-on knowledge of the practice setting and the unique needs of this patient population. The services encompass a wide range of medical, legal, business development and management areas. Areas of technical capability include: clinical practice guidelines, claims analysis, practice auditing, research, training, legal and regulatory compliance.

  • Technical expertise in legal compliance, guidance, and auditing

  • Support and guidance for onsite surveys

  • Risk management and quality assurance programs

  • Practice standard optimization and improved patient outcomes

  • Strategies for patient contracts, compliance, and drug testing


  • Pain and Palliative Care Caregivers

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Boards of Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Patients